Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Singing Sisters!

My girls love to sing! We spend our days singing and breaking out in spontaneous dance! It makes for a very cheerful day! They get it honest enough - I grew up to my Mom singing as she went about her household duties and more often than not I catch myself doing the same! Its only natural that my girls should pick up this joyful habit!

So here they are, singing their little hearts out!

If you're on my Facebook, you've seen this one before. It makes me laugh every single time I listen to it! The song is one Piper came up with on her own and that is sung pretty much on a daily basis around here!

Taitum, singing her favorite song: "I Love You". She often sings "Old MacDonald", too. Melts my heart every time I hear her sing-songy little voice!

I don't sing because I'm happy; I'm happy because I sing.  ~William James

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