Friday, April 29, 2011

This Perfect Day

Today was a great day. No, was a glorious day! It was warm out. Oh so very warm! As in bare legs and feet warm. Or eat ice cream outside warm. Although I try to stay positive through the cold winter months and put on a happy face through the cool, rainy days of spring, the truth is: I LOVE summer! Not surprisingly, so do my kids! What kid doesn't embrace the chance to run wild in big open spaces and blow bubbles and catch bugs and dig in dirt? And so I'm not going to tell you about our rather slow and disappointing week. Nope. That's not how I roll. I'm going to tell you about this one amazing day!

It began with the girls' super awesome Auntie coming by with the best surprise...
An eensy weensy frog!

There was no end to the squeals from all the girlies who surrounded the poor little thing!

After freeing Mr. Frog, we all continued together down the street to the park, but not without some trusty bug hunting equipement!
Doesn't this little huddle just make you smile?! All to see the fabulous find...

A pretty green beetle!

Finally, we made it to the park!
There is nothing quite like a good swing to put a grin on your face!

And make you feel absolutely content! :)

After quiet time, we were back out! As is usually the case, Mama had something up her sleeve...You see, this morning I watched this video and was reminded of the time Teacher Tom tried tall paintings using blocks...
So thats just what we did!

Not quite as lovely as the ones in the video but so fun, just the same! And later we got our fingers in it and spread it all around and made a beautiful mess. Only my camera died. Of course.

Taitum had her own plans. Who needs to do a tall painting when you can smear it everywhere, eat it and rub it in your clothes! I don't think you understand. Watch the video. This is when my battery dies but you'll get to see the master at work! ;)

I'm so glad our week wrapped up with this perfect day. I am so looking forward to more days like it! I'm planning to have a very outdoors-y month next month and really hoping the weather will cooperate! But for now, this will do.

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