Monday, May 23, 2011

We built this marriage on rock-and-roll. Or hinge side Z-bars.

I have about a bazillion and seven things that I could post about tonight.  But, I'm super sick of writing listy-like posts, so I think I'm going to tell you all about the *free* marriage "retreat" B and I had this weekend. 

Also known as: we installed a new glass door together yesterday.  From 2pm to 10pm.  And, it technically cost $102.82, but I'm going to nix that cost since we provided the labor ourselves (which would have started at $99 if Home Depot installed it).  So, free.  Right?

Anyway, I use the term retreat loosely because it didn't feel very retreaty when I had to walk inside and leave B outside reading about the dang hinge side of the Z-bar because otherwise we were going to cause a dang scene standing on the deck "discussing" it.  And when we were discussing it, I can promise you that words like dang and gee golly were not our choice words.  Especially when we realized we installed the stupid hinge side of the Z-bar on the wrong dang side. 

It wasn't our best moment.

However, the retreaty part of the whole process was that we spent 8 straight hours together, in the sun, working together to accomplish something.  And we came out stronger in the end.  I may have asked for several corny high-fives and maybe even a chest-bump after we finished.  Because it felt 12 kinds of awesome to walk in and out of that door knowing that we, Super B & Super Abby, installed that bad boy ourselves. 

Take that hinge side Z-bar.  *chest bump*

I have no picture of this feat, but what I do have is my new hair.  My new pink hair.  Because I thought it would be totally fun to have a little pink hair mixed in on the underside of my regular highlight for this summer.  I kinda love it. 

The quality of this pic is no good.  But neither is my ability to take a self-portrait.  Forgive.

Happy, happy Monday.  From your resident Jem and the Holograms blogger ;)

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