Monday, May 23, 2011

Who Likes Long Weekends?!

Who likes long weekends?!


I already told you about our family night.

But the fun didn't stop there!

Oh no!

We went on a favorite family outting the next day - the public library!

And found lots of 'buggy' books!

That evening we were able to spend time with family as we celebrated my sister-in-law Mya's boyfriend's birthday (Happy Belated Birthday, Brendan!)

Oh and enjoyed this fabulous cake by Mya!

Triple layer dark chocolate carrot cake with pineapple jam and coconut cream cheese frosting between the layers.

Are you jealous yet? :D

Sunday we were off to church and sang a new song I am in love with - As We Gather (We Will Worship). Although, I have to say, I like our worship team's version of it much better but maybe I'm a little biased! ;) Go take a listen!

That afternoon there was actually no rain AND the sun decided to show up! So Matt and I nabbed the opportunity to work on our shutter transformation!

Goodbye, Blue!

Hello, Brown!

So today has been lazy and mellow. Just perfect!

My book club book arrived last week - The Ministry of Motherhood - and I cozied in to begin reading it this morning! I am so thrilled about having joined this book club! (You still can, too!)

I went shopping!

Online that is! There are so many great deals out there right now!

Like Scholastic's Teacher Express Dollar Deals! I got over $100 worth of resources for $10! Say what??!

Also, I nabbed some Eco Nuts at Baby Half Off for 50% off! I've been wanting to try this forever! This was my chance! I'll likely use them mainly for washing Taitum's cloth diapers but if I love them I just might start washing everything with them! They're all natural and free from man made chemicals (among other really good things!). All in all, I'm very excited to give them a try! I'll let you know how it goes!

Speaking of safer products, I came across some sunscreen worth sharing! Thinksport Livestrong Sunscreen! I found it on Baby Half Off, too but even without a deal its fairly affordable! I recommend reading the info they have on their site about the sunscreen. It makes me feel a billion times better that I'm not only protecting my family from the sun but from known carcinogens found in the majority of sunscreens. 

Finally, Shining Dawn Books is offering their Facebook friends a choice of one of their products for $5.00! I haven't ordered yet because I simply can't decide! But I have until May 31st - hopefully, I'll have my mind made up by then!

To end our lovely weekend, the girls and I went to my parent's house for some delicious strawberries and cream! It might not feel like summer in these parts but at least it tasted like it!

How was your long weekend?

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