Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Charleston Recap: Quick Version

This is the quick Charleston recap, as we just flew in and I don't have time to shuffle through 200 pictures for this post.  Also, my pantry and fridge desperately need to be restocked or we're having Mich Ultras and swiss cheese for dinner.  Hence, list form:

1.  Flying was a major hassle. 

2.  This girl could live on grits and sweet tea.  Oh. My. YUM.

3.  Bathing suits should be brought whenever you're out and about in Charleston, as you never know when you might happen upon a public fountain.

4.  The heat was insane.  {I know, y'all warned me!}

5.  Our hotel was all kinds of awesome.

6.  Hymans, Jestines, Toast, Barbara Jeans, and the Chucktown Tavern all proved to be winners.

7.  We never made it to Kaminsky's.  Boo.

8.  The southern hospitality was out of control. 

9.  Major kudos to the downtown Charleston Fire Department for the free tour.  You guys rock!

10.  Next time: Sullivan's Island.  {Or somewhere closer to the beach!}

Will be back with more deets later :)

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