Tuesday, July 19, 2011

These Are A Few of My Favorite {Preggo} Things!

I find that things that I never think twice about become very precious when I am pregnant!

Like Tums Smoothies.

They are a billion times more bareable than the regular ol' kind and make a world of difference when I consume something that baby simply doesn't like...

Miss Vickie's Salt and Vinegar chips. Ok, so maybe I love these ALL the time but even more so right now when I'm craving lots of salty salt!!

And this summer's super snack... Blue Menu Fruit Juice Freeze Pops. Best. Thing. Ever.

If you're on my Facebook, you've heard my desparate plea for easy chicken recipes exempt of tomatoes or anything nauseating. The result: a new found love for Campbell's cream soups! Easy, yummy meals that don't make me lose it! :)

Like tonight. I made Chicken Pot Pie using cream of chicken soup. It was delish! I even had 2 helpings!!

I also officially love ruching. It makes for very comfortable shirts that satisfactorily cover the emerging baby bump!

Um, and I love elasticized waists, too....

Finally, above all else. I love this guy:

Not that it takes pregnancy for me to realize how wonderful he is. But he's the glue holding us all together right now. Pitching in with whatever needs to be done, doting on me when I feel like crap, holding me when the hormones get the best of me and I turn into a blubbery, emotional mess and being Super Dad Extraoridinare! He has this way of making everything alright!

What about you? What were/are some of your favorite things during pregnancy?

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