Friday, August 5, 2011

A New To-Do List

Last Saturday, it poured here. The girls and I were stuck at home without a car and little to do. I was up for house cleaning but the girls, as usual, grew tired of that quite quickly. When it started to rain heavily I decided we needed a new to-do list....

1. Dance in the rain.

2. Test the neighbors water spout and make sure it is functioning correctly.

3. Double check with your foot just to be sure.

4. Fill pots with water.

5. And water the neighbor's plants.

6. Go for a walk arm-in-arm with your best friend down the flooded street.

7. Find the biggest puddle on the block.

8. If you feel so inclined, sit in it.

9. Find something slimy and gross in the mud puddle.

10. Make your own sunshine.

11. Drink hot chocolate til its dripping from your chin and streaming into your belly button.

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