Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Plant Fanatic and Budding Photographer

One thing I do not have is a green thumb.
I love the idea of having a pretty little flower bed or fresh veggies from my back yard but my ability to make that happen, so far, is non-existent.
In time I hope this will change.
I'd really like to learn and get better at this but it just hasn't happened yet!

On the other hand, my little Piper girl is a plant fanatic.
She LOVES to water them and reap the benefits of having cared for a plant.

I adore watching her work away at watering her tomato plant that her Mookie and Papa gave to us.
 (Without her, I'm sure it would be dead by now.)
Its also enjoyable to watch her find a ripe tomato and gobble it up!

Today I handed over my camera so she could take some pics of her beloved tomato plant.
Here's what she took:


Not too shabby, huh?!
She's shaping up to be quite the photographer, too!
I think she is gonna LOVE the kid camera we got her for her birthday!
Perhaps I should also get her an indoor plant to take care of during the cold winter months!

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