Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School!

Today was our first day of school!
I always remember the first day of school being momentous and exciting.
So even though my kids will definitely have a different experience than I did (being homeschooled), I still want them to feel the joy of starting a new year!
As a result, this morning I made a big deal about it being their first day back to school.
When they woke up, there was a whole new school set up waiting for them in the livingroom.
And LOTS of new school supplies!
Remember how good it felt to open a new box of crayons???
Finally, we started our day with some pictures to mark the special occasion:

I got the idea from How Does She? along with Piper's printable. Taitum's 'Tot School' version I made myself.

And there they are, in their little school corner, hard at work!

I'll explain more of what we're up to in days to come!
But until then,
Happy First Day of School!

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