Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A surprise from our favorite furry friend, ELMO!

Elmo wrote Tripp another song... HIS VERY OWN personalized SONG.  
I'm such a proud Momma, 
and just when I think that I couldn't love Elmo (Kevin Clash:) any more- I receive THIS CD in the mail today--

And here is the song- 
I added the pictures because I didn't know how else to share it from a CD other than creating a movie/slideshow.  

Tell me that is not the sweetest thing you've ever heard? 
He is playing the drums with my little man- and then pausing so Tripp can drum to the beat! 
Amazing.  Tripp loves it- but it's going to take him a few days to be able to play along, I think:)
He's good, but not that good!  So be patient and hopefully I can catch him on video drumming along with ELMO to his VERY OWN song!  
We love you, Elmo.  You are the BEST. 

I want to send a very very special thank you as well to Elmo's assistant, Kimi for keeping contact with us and always trying to make our days special and also JP, Katherine, Ralph, and Louis for putting the cd together for us- the graphics, lyrics, etc!  You guys on Sesame Street are the BEST:) 
I wish Tripp could meet you all and drum for you! 

Oh and don't miss my new post below this one!!
Two posts in one day?!  Record.


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