Saturday, October 1, 2011

All About Me (And Then Some!)

This week flew!
Even despite having to deal with 2 year old molars coming in and long nights of croup-y coughing, it ended up being fun and full!
There is something about activity that helps get you through the most tiring of days!

So I apologize for the super long post but there is a lot to share!
(Much to my surprise!)

We learned about Noah's ark this week in our Bible studies.
This led to building our own ark out of mega blocks and loading all the animals we owned onto it!

The little pink ramp was all Piper's idea!
Smart girl!
The animals had to have a way to reach the door!
And the roof was her touch, too!

Our workboxes were filled with 'All About Me' themed activities this week.
(All printables for this theme were from Itsy Bitsy Learners.)

One box had family puzzles - pictures I added magnets to the back of and cut up.

The girls had a wonderful time putting them together and were delighted that they were pictures of people they knew!

Another box contained the ingredients to a cute little 'letter of your name' craft.
The girls glued colorful buttons all over their letter....

Which resulted in these fabulous little wall hangings!
I can't wait to hang these up in their room once they move in together!

Piper and Taitum also worked on making their own picture frames.
This involved painting...

And glittering...
(Lots and lots of glittering! I think I may be cleaning glitter up for the next year!)

They added some jewels and Mama helped them spell their name out correctly.
Finally, we completed the project with a cutsie photo!

One workbox contained a mirror and a page on which to draw a self portrait!
Piper set to right to work and impressed me with the likeness she drew!
I'm not quite sure about the tongue piercing though!

A fun activity was making outlines of the girls!
You should have heard the giggles as I traced around their armpits and feet!

Then they measured how tall they were in crayons...

And blocks!

Last but not least, they filled in those outlines with pretty colors!

Some more than others!

But there was one who was a bit more meticulous about her painting! :)

The girls took some time to make fingerprints and we talked about how they are different from anyone elses.

For this week's nature studies, we went for a walk at a local park and collected lots of beautiful leaves.
Later we made prints with the leaves!
I even got a little carried away with the joy of making autumn colored prints!

This week I got around to incorporating a few toddler specific actvities into our day for Taitum.
Because she is capable of attempting so much of what Piper does I haven't spent a ton of time focusing on Tot school.
But now that I have our school days under control as far as planning and such goes, I've begun to make a point of planning a few tot activities for Tait!

This week she had a ball playing with pipe cleaners and a strainer!
This was an idea I saw over at hands on : as we grow.
Taitum ended up spending quite a bit of time at this!

She also dotted all the 'A's in this apple printable from 1+1+1=1 while Pipe worked on something that was a bit too advanced for her.
As always, she thoroughly enjoyed getting to use the Do-A-Dot markers!
The cutest part was that she said 'A' with each dab of the marker!
'A' is the only letter she truly recognizes at this point so she was rather excited to see it on her page!

That was our week!
Or much of it, at least!
We also got to enjoy loads of time outside since the weather was beautiful!
And had enjoyable visits with friends!
Can't ask for much more than that, right?

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