Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Apples Up On Top!

This theme is one of my favorites!
And this year we gained a new apple themed book that we LOVE -

My Dad brought it by for the girls the day we went apple picking and it has been a huge hit!
The best part was trying to balance apples up on top ourselves!
This produced tons of giggles and smiles!

We also did a multitude of other apple related activities...

Piper's personal favorite was this one from 2 Teaching Mommies' Apple Unit.
She would throw the dice and then dot that number of apples on the tree.
She continued this until the tree was full.

Of course we did the classic apple prints!

And made apple sauce!
Both girls had a great time cutting up the apples for it!

Piper filled in an apple observation sheet (also from 2 Teaching Mommies' Apple Unit).
She was very keen on making her observations and filling out the sheet correctly.
This made for a rather interesting snack time!

We worked on putting numbers 1-10 in the right order with these apple printables.
We placed them "up on top" of pictures we drew of ourselves.
Piper accomplished this with minimal help from me.
Taitum and I worked together on it.

She shocked me by knowing what number came next for all of them except 5 and 7!
This girl does not miss a thing!

She arranged them in the right sequence and worked at matching the words with the correct pictures.

Finally, Piper worked on her culinary skills by putting some apple peanut butter sandwiches together for us for snack one day.

I think little sister enjoys being on the recieving end of this area of study!

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