Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fun, Fall, Food and Thankfulness

Want to know what these things are?
You should.
They're pretty cool.
And toddlers and preschoolers alike enjoy them!

They are super easy to make - simply hot glue a round magnet to the bottom of each puff ball -
And work wonderfully with do-a-dot printables!
(If you don't know what a do-a-dot printable is, look here at a post by Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations who explains what they are and other ideas for using them!)


My girlies had so much fun placing a puff ball magnet on each of the circles on their do-a-dot printable!
There was quiet for a good 15 minutes straight!

Following our leaf bingo nature walk, we decided to use an idea I found on Pinterest to make a leaf lantern!
The only thing was the only instructions given were to simply use leaves and Mod Podge.
Well...the Mod Podge didn't work so well!
So we washed it off and found some contact paper to use instead!
Worked like a charm!
And added a nice glow to their after swimming/before bed snack!

Also, this.
I may have a problem.
I can't stop baking.
Can. Not. Stop.
(Pumpkin Creme Pies, yet another Pinterest find!)

Finally, our only truly Thanksgiving craft for the week -

Tait's is on the right.
She is thankful for:
Mama and Dada
"Yes, Jesus Loves Me!"
She came up with the last 3 all on her own.
Although it did take me a while to figure out what 'ome!' was!

Piper is thankful for:
Mama's baby
My eyes
Mookie and Papa
My crayons
Auntie Mya
Nana and Boppa
I'm assuming Mom and Dad are a given?
Also, she wanted to put 'my bum' as one of her thankfuls.
I told her that was more of a private thankful!
But just so you know, she's thankful for that too!

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