Monday, October 10, 2011

Picture Post.


My wonderful friend Mandy surprised me with an early birthday present- MY SISTER! 
She must have known I've been missing her bad:) So she flew her in for a short weekend!
North Dakota is just WAY too far!  I was so surprised that I'm pretty sure I screamed a little and then cried when I saw her.  
I got to spend the whole weekend with my family, friends, and the people I love the most. 
Thanks again Mandy and Britt for pulling that off- I know flying standby really stinks!:)
It was a super great birthday surprise! 

So, my sister just recently bought a new camera and has been taking some photography classes just as a hobby.  She was so excited to finally be able to take some pictures of Tripp.  And boy, did Tripp give Nanny a treat for the weekend... he really had a pretty good weekend, overall.  He stood up for her about 3-4 times, which lately is a whole lot! 
I think they came out great... Pictures I will treasure forever!

Update on little man's transfusion:
We are waiting for approval from the hospital to be able to do the transfusion at home.  
Please say some extra prayers that we can make this happen. 
Also, I think we are battling an infection that can no longer be treated with oral antibiotics.  
I think some tough decisions are coming my way soon.  
Please pray that I make the right ones. 
Thank you all for your KIND words and so much encouragement! 


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