Thursday, December 8, 2011

Crafting Our Way to Christmas!

We've been working away on our Advent activities from Truth in the Tinsel and having SO much fun!
My muffin tin advent plan didn't work out as planned but thankfully we have an Advent calendar my sister-in-law made for us and it has been perfect!
Each day one of the girls pulls out an ornament to hang on the calendar tree, a card with the activity clue on it and candy!
This is definitely the most exciting part of their day!
Then we sit at the table and read the related Bible passage.
As they work on their craft we discuss what we just read which has lead to some interesting conversations!
I love how they are becoming familiar with the WHOLE Christmas story through these activities!
Also, considering that my energy is diminishing with each added week of pregnancy, I am so glad to have everything planned out for what we are going to do each day of Advent!
The girls are thrilled with being able to do a craft every single day and they are so simple that I am not finding it the least bit overwhelming!

Without furthur ado, here are some photos of Piper and Taitum and their crafts!

Working away on their candle 'stained glass' craft!

Which look beautiful on our front window!

Taitum dove right into painting her crown for King Jesus!

And they look ever so lovely, bejeweled and hanging on the tree!

These are the girls' Zacharias crafts.
They used a bubble wrap bubble for his mouth.
Then to symbolize how God took his voice from him, the girls got to pop the bubble!
By far their favorite aspect of the craft!

Piper carefully adding Mary's buttons with glitter glue.
The glitter glue was a big hit and was put to good use with 'extracurricular' crafts once our Advent craft was done!

Finally, the girls' own rendition of Gabriel (who they refer to as the 'fairy' - in their minds, angels and fairies are synonomous! lol)

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