Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shutterfly Holiday Photocards!


I am so excited to be using Shutterfly this season for our holiday photocards.  I am always impressed with their products – the quality, the designs, the quick turn-around time, and – most importantly – the fonts! Ha!  In all seriously, I just love their stuff and have been a happy customer for years.  They’re on ideal online enterprise for not just photocards, but picture calendars and photobooks, too (both which I own!)    I can’t speak highly enough of this company, and would recommend them to anyone.

I was fortunate to participate in their holiday card promotion last year, and we selected the design below.  Seriously, high quality paper, vivid colors, and they even edited out that second “s” that I missed in Mullinss before they shipped it! 


So, how excited was I when they contacted me again to join in on the fun?!  Like, 12 kinds of excited, of course!!!

And, now, for the hard part: just which card will I choose?!  I love them all!

These were three contenders, but not my final choice!  Can’t going showing that one off just yet ;)

Here are a few of my favs…


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Happy shopping!

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