Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Time With Tait

Of my three children, I think it would be fair to say that Taitum is the one who gets the least amount of one on one time with me.
Piper and I hang out during Tait's nap time and Renly has my undivided attention pretty much whenever she needs 3am....
I don't spend too much time worrying about this or feeling guilty.
The truth of the matter is that Taitum gets lots of time with me.
I make a point of including her in everything even if what we're doing is a little advanced for her.
I go out of my way to provide her with opportunities that are more at her level.
Its just that its always in the company of her sisters.
Which is good.
I'm glad they get to grow up together, sharing everyday life with one another, forming a forever friendship.
But this afternoon when the girls' Nana took Piper out for a while and Renly was napping, I grabbed the opportunity to spend alone time with my second born girly!
Because I love her.
Her quirky little personality, silly antics and sweet comments made in the most adorable 2 year old voice!
And spending time with just her is a delight. I fall in love all over again!
I know its not something I can do everyday but I revel in the times that I can hang out with each of the girls separately.
Their individual relationship with me is important.
They are important.
And as much as I think its beneficial to grow up with siblings and to be part of a family dynamic, I also want them to know I love and appreciate who they are all on their own too!

So here we are, Taitum and I baking cookies.
Snickerdodles to be exact.
(Which Tait would say in the cutest way!)
She was extremely enthusiastic about getting to bake!

I love who you are, Taitum Jubilee!

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