Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bathroom Grapefruit

Natural house cleaners.
I could have cared less about them before I had children.
And then I had my sweet little babes who I'd do anything to protect.
And far too often I find myself running into stuff like this...

Now I'm on a mission to rid our home of pretty much every possible chemical that could interfere with their precious developement.

(Funny, isn't it, how kids change your view of pretty much everything??)

It has to work!
A chemical free house is good and all but I'd like a clean house, too, please!

So I've already told you about how I've changed our laundry cleaners.
Would you like to hear how I've recently begun to clean our shower?

You're super excited.
I can just tell!

It's a pretty simple solution:

Grapefruit and salt!

Halve you grapefruit.
Sprinkle kosher salt on it and the bottom of your tub.
Scrub away all the grime with that salty citrus.
Easy as pie!
Grapefruit pie...

It even does a real number on those fixtures, too!

Then simply rinse away all the pulp with a wet sponge and youve got yourself one chemical free clean tub.
And a delightful smelling bathroom!

My only issue with this method is going to be 1- remembering to buy grapefruit and 2 - not eating it instead of cleaning my shower with it!

Do you clean your bathroom with natural cleaners?
Any tips to share?

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