Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Una and Fruit

This is the story that Piper came up with and took pictures of for the illustrations.
This was for our 'row' of The Little Bunny last week.
This is all her own work.
I simply wrote down what she dictated to me.
Without further ado...

Una & Fruit
by Piper

There was a blue pig named Una.

There was a horse named Fruit.

The fairies were nice to them and didn't eat them.


This horsey was nice to Una and Fruit.

His name was Peois.
(pronounced P-E-O-is)

The fairies, Una, Fruit and Peois had a dance.


Then they fell asleep.


When they woke up they climbed to the top of the castle.
They could see everyone from up there!

More people and animals came to live at the castle.
There were 13 living at the castle.

Then a funny cow came along.

They all laughed.

The End.

I had her story made into a book at the Walmart photo center and surprised her with it tonight.
She was pretty excited about having a book she created all on her own!
In fact, I tried to find it tonight to take a closer picture of but Matt informed me she took it to bed with her!

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