Wednesday, June 6, 2012


The other night I heard the door to Piper and Tait's room creak open.
Then my oldest gal bounced out of her room, bursting with excitement..

"I can spell 'cat'! Watch this: Kkk - Ahhhh - Ttt. CAT!"

I was tired but realized she had had a lightbulb moment while lying in her bed thinking.
So I joined her in her excitement and asked what letters made those sounds...

"C. A. T!"

She was vibrating with the energy that can only come from having discovered something new.
I smiled as I congratulated her and shooed her back to bed.

I remember the first time I was able to read a whole book myself.
It was a Sesame Street one and I read it over and over again to anyone who would listen.
My grandfather was looking after me one evening around this time and I must have read it to him several times because I can still remember asking if he'd like me to read it to him again!
My ever patient Gunky tried his very best to get out of another rendition of the book.
I suspect I won!

These are exciting times for a child.
Figuring out letter sounds and putting them together to to make a word.
Recognizing sight words.
Welcome to the wonderful world of reading, my sweet Piper girl!

The next morning upon waking, Pipe made a B-line for the crayons and paper.
At the table I heard her whispering, "C...A...T...".
Then, "Look, Mom! I spelled 'cat'!"
She had to cut it out and mount in on the fridge.

Now every time I go for milk or what have you, 'cat' is there.
It reminds me what a blessing it is to live in a time and place where literacy is available and accessible.
It makes me grateful that a love for reading and words and great literature is something I can impart to my girls.
It makes me glad that I can be there to see and share all these little revelations that unfold for them in their learning journey.

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