Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DIY Baby Carrier

Here it is! My tutorial for a DIY baby carrier.

For when you can't afford an Ergo. Or can't figure out how to wrap the dang freakin' Moby. Or your back is killing you from bouncing your infant in the Baby Bjorn all day. Or maybe you went to a killer YMCA free-weight class called RIPPED (in the literary world, that's what they call foreshadowing) and threw out your back while faking sit-ups.

That's when you need this easy-on-the-back-and-wallet baby carrier!

Here are the easy, step by step instructions.

1. Grab a baby. Preferably yours but, really, any baby will do for this particular project.

2. Grab a blanket. If you like, find one that catches dust so that you can dust WHILE you carry your baby. Two birds, people...

3. Place baby on blanket.

4. Grab end of blanket. And PULL!

Ryan LOVES it!

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