Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day For Everyone?

This morning, as we were sitting on the couch, Jacob unexpectedly asked me, "Mommy, can you give me Flynn the Fire Enging (a Thomas the Train character) for Father's Day?"

"Jacob, on Father's Day we are supposed to do something special for Daddy." I explained.

"Why not me?"

"Because Father's Day is for people who have babies."

"But I DO have a baby!" He pointed at Ryan.

"Ok. You're right. But I meant that Father's Day is for fathers. A father is a daddy. When you're a dad, you can have a Father's Day for you." I answered, a little strained.

"Hmmmm....But Mommy?"


"After we have Father's Day for daddy, THEN will it be MY Father's Day?"

"Sorry Jacob. This year, Father's Day is just for daddy."

"But then why is it Father's Day for Grandpa and Lolo?"

"Because Grandpa is MY father. And Lolo is daddy's father."

"Oh." He replied, looking a little skeptical.

With that, our discussion was over. Or so I thought. Then, because the sun was out and the weather was AWESOME. I packed up both kids and we headed out to the Zoo. I love the Point Defiance Zoo and because we are members, we have every excuse to go as often as possible.

Ryan is sporting his new sun hat from the zoo gift shop!

It just so happened that we had picked the perfect day for the zoo. Apparently, E.T. the walrus turned 30 today and they were celebrating with extra activities and crafts for kids.

First, Jacob put on these flippers and got to try to walk like a walrus.

Then we rode the carousel. Out of all the animals to chose from, he went straight for the mermaid horse.

To my dismay, Jacob was not interested in seeing any actual animals. I couldn't even conjole him into singing happy birthday to one special walrus. Although we were just yards away from spotted leopard cubs, giant elephants, creepy snakes, and funky primates, all Jacob wanted to do was play in the sand. Typical kid.

He took off his shoes and used them as shovels. Somehow, he lost his shorts in the process. Maybe if I would stop eating all the ice cream in the house, he could fatten up a little?

Ryan enjoyed the visit too. Mostly from the comfort of his favorite Baby Bjorn.

Towards the end of our visit, Jacob ventured off to an art table while I sat with Ryan on a park bench. After a couple minutes, Jacob came running towards me, beaming from ear to ear. He tilted his head coyly and held his hands behind his back. I could see the edges of a crisp peice of paper peeking out from behind him.

"Guess what Mommy! I have a SURPRISE for you!" He said with great enthusiasm. Before I could respond, he thrusted the piece of paper at me proudly. "I made you a card of a WALRUS!"

Thank goodness he told me what it was because this card looks nothing like a walrus. Are those his eyes at the bottom of the page?

"Wow, Jacob, I LOVE IT!" I exclaimed, in expected mommy-fashion.

"Guess what? It's your very special card for your Father's Day!" He said, beaming even brighter.

Man, I love that kid.

And of course this kid!

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