Saturday, June 16, 2012

Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? {BFIAR}

Because of the beautiful weather at the end of the week, we forfeited some of what I had planned in favor of outdoor play but finished off what we had set aside this week.
I was shocked by how much the girls adored this book!
Having read it myself before sharing it with them, I was a little disappointed by the simplicity of this book.
Despite the fact that the book didn't do much for me, it proved to be a true delight to them.
It caused endless amounts of giggles at the breakfast table (especially the "rose in my toes" and "not my pants, they sat in the ants" parts!).
And I caught them reciting parts of the book to each other throughout the day!
Obviously I have very poor taste when it comes to children's books....

We started our week with a gummy bear science experiment.
We placed one gummy bear in water and the other in salt water.
I asked the girls to predict what they thought would happen.
Piper is making real predictions now and it's the cutest thing ever!
She guessed that the one in water would float.
She thought that the one in salt water would melt.

The next morning we pulled them out.
The gummy bear in water had absorbed the water and as a result, grew larger.
The one in salt water was dehydrated from the salt. It had become hard and faded in color.

We talked about why this happened as well as about the uses of salt.

Both girls were most thrilled to hold our little science experiments and pretend to make them talk! Haha!

PIper and Taitum colored weather bears and the clothes to go with them.
I then lamintated them and added velcro and they had a great ol' time dressing up their very own Jesse bear in various outfits.

We discussed the Canada food guide and healthy eating habits this week.
The girls cut out pictures of the different foods that Jesse bear ate in the story and glued them to a plate.
After comparing his lunch to the food guide they decided his lunch was a healthy one!

I found some good printables at Nourish Interactive.
From there we printed off a food pyramid and a 'Color the Food Group' worksheet.
For many of their own lunches afterwards, they would stop and compare what they were eating to the food pyramid I'd posted and decide whether their lunch was healthy or not!
They're keeping Mama on her toes!

Much time was also spent looking for various things in the story.
One day we observed the many flowers found in the illustrations.
Another time we looked for ways the Mama Bear and Papa Bear showed Jesse Bear affection.
The girls loved looking for the many hidden bears in the pictures.
We even discussed why Mama Bear chose to decorate the bathroom with swans and other animals that might be a good choise for decorating a bathroom with!

This was a FUN book!
I'm amused at how the kids caused me to appreciate it and, in the end, even end up enjoying it!
I am forever amazed at how much I'm learning and they are teaching me in this journey together!

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