Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Is For Reading (Just Like Every Other Season)

I should have posted this post a month ago.
But I've been reading.
And I'm sure you don't really care that much about what I'm reading.
Quite frankly, I like doing these reading posts because I enjoy seeing all my books lined up nicely on the screen.
(OCD much?)
I'm just going to list the books and add a link so you can go read what they're about for yourself if you're interested.
When I finish one I'll post briefly about it.
(I've already finished 3 so look out. There are favorite quote posts heading your way...)
And for the record, this list will likely take me the year rather than the summer.
(Specifically, those 6 volumes of Charlotte Mason's Original Homeschooling Series...)
When it comes to books, I always get carried away...

(Free pdf download here.)

(Free at Ambleside Online.)

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