Thursday, June 14, 2012

summer must-haves!

This is a random post but I wanted to share a couple summer must-haves!  
I started using this product last summer but when I wore a skirt to work last week I was constantly being asked what tanner I used – so I’ll share!  Anyone that knows me, knows my tan must come from a bottle because I am constantly preaching the harms of the sun and tanning beds.  Oh how I wished I could take back my years of worshipping to the sun gods for so many reasons!  But anywho, a pasty girl still wants a tan and this product is amazing!  I typically use it about three times per week (after a shave)all over.  The lotion is tinted with a subtle hint of glitter so it is easy to see where you have applied to eliminate streaks.  Sometimes I still get streaks when I am in a hurry, but after the next application they are basically unnoticeable.  I love that sublime gives you an instant glow and does not rub off on your clothes nor does it have a strong smell.  Best of all, it costs less than 10.00!! Let me know what you all think!!
I can’t take credit for this find – thank my friend Sabra!  She brought over some lime-a-ritas to our house a few weeks ago and well, you can say I blame them for my sudden summer weight gain, jk!  I really am not a big drinker but I like an evening cocktail on the weekends.  So who's with me?  I love a margarita but hate the mess and keeping all the ingredients on hand!  Well, problem solved… seriously a margarita in a can, just pour it over ice.  Don’t be fooled, it's in a can but it's not a beer. It’s a malt beverage and packs a punch with 8% alcohol.  Seriously, one and I am done.  Feeling good…but done.

We really are in full summer swing.  This week we have enjoyed some pool time and lots of summer fruits.  This is a precious picture of my little cowboys and granny from this week right before we went to our house to get in the pool.  Keeler insisted that I get a picture of his castle.  Him & granny were proud of their structure but even more so  because they had managed to keep Kal from destroying it! =)

At work, I have been going on harvest photo shoots.  
I love this time of year!  Check out this great photo:
see more on our facebook page!

This weekend the little cowboys and I are headed to see my mom after her recent surgery.  She is doing so well.  She even ventured out of the house for a bit today for lunch with my sister.  It has been so hard being away while she is going through this.  I can't wait to give her a big hug.  


A life without love is like a year without summer.- Swedish Proverb

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