Monday, July 16, 2012

Challenge Accepted...Nom, Nom, Nom...

Yes, yes, 
I've been avoiding this blog.
It's just too stinkin' hot.
And then I get grumpy and lazy and just want to sit in front of a fan with a good book.
But, alas, I end up missing the ol' bloggerooni.
So here I am.
It might be short and sweet but Ill feel good for having posted about my latest self challenge.
I alluded to it in my last post.
Sorry for weirding you all out with my cryptic writing.
I blame the heat.
I've learned something about myself.
I thrive on challenges.
On making up goals and reaching them.
Being stubborn helps as does that wonderful feeling of accomplishment at the end.
I think it might be a pretty normal quirk so I won't attempt to apologize for my strangeness just now.


So the challenge?
Super bad timing in the middle of a heat wave but I think I'll give my self a year or something far off like that.
My brother got me the Looneyspoons Collection cookbook for Christmas and to be honest, I hadn't touched it since opening it.

Not because I didn't love the gift but because in the mean time I had a baby and quit making all but the most basic meals.
In fact, I kinda got myself in one those awful cooking ruts.
And I hate that.
I like to cook and try new things.
I needed some inspiration.
At six months postpartum (and still sporting the mommy tummy...) some healthier recipes wouldn't hurt either.
Internet searches and Pinterest are just too overwhelming.
So I dusted off the cookbook and started planning!
Basically, my challenge is to try all the recipes in the book (minus the fishy ones. Bleh!).
Week one was last week and we are off to a good start!
Come and see!

Much Ado About Mushrooms (Vegetarian Fajitas)

I also made Sinnamon Apple Muffins but forgot to get a pic.
Big hit with the kiddies though.
The other stuff they ate albeit a little begrudgingly...

But the littlest didn't seem to mind a bit! 

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