Monday, July 23, 2012

Fair Week!

This time of year our little town hosts a week-long county fair.  I always think it reflects on our great community.  As Keeler gets older he has more and more fun and gets more involved.  This year I think he would have lived at the fairgrounds if we would have let him.  His Granny took him every day, I would meet them for lunch, they went back to her house for a nap and then we returned in the evening.  
Turtle Races - July 17th
Keeler helping his cousins clip for the livestock judging
Keeler showed a pig in the pee-wee judging! 
I missed it but a sweet coworker took some pictures for me. :)
Riding the T-bone Express with cousins!
Kid's Rodeo...yee-haw!
 Tractor Pull
Bit and Spur Rodeo

Another perk of fair week is Keeler’s birthday.  
I am still going through pictures and will do a separate post very soon.  Have a wonderful week!      


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