Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back To (Home)school

I was so excited for our first day of school.
Back to routine, back to normal.
Plus I had so many cool new things to share with the kids!
A new school room, new school supplies, new curriculum and ideas!
And I'll admit, it was fun but also eventful and challenging and frustrating!
Thus my "what-not-to-do-in-the-first-week-of-school' post!

1. Do not start your school year by surprising the kids with a new school room.
They will be far more interested in discovering all the new things the room has to offer than getting any work done.

2. Do not except the baby to sleep according to her usual schedule.
Bad idea.
She will instead be bothered by teething or constipation or being excluded from all that serious learning happening downstairs.

3. Do not expect your oldest to enjoy something new and challenging.
Rather be prepared for some sighs and whines and perhaps even a very stinky attitude.

4. Finally, do not assume that you yourself will not be struck by some nasty virus that causes an awful headache and quadruples your need for sleep.

Oh the woes of an amateur homeschooling mom!
But it wasn't all bad!
Here are some of the highlights of the week so far!

Piper LOVES her Grapevine bible studies!
This works so well for her!
Each day she draws a picture of the lesson.

Taitum is so enthusiastic!
Even putting a new ice cream scoop on the cone for each color she learns causes oodles of excitement!

Piper is flying through her math workbook.
(Its just one of those ones you can buy at Walmart. We are also following the ABC Jesus Loves Me 5 year old curriculum math schedule.)

And this just makes me smile!
Two little girlies working on their math lesson together!

Tait is learning her alphabet with All About Reading Level Pre-1.
Also, that pointer she's using?
Probably the biggest hit out of all the new school stuff I had for them!

Tait is coloring her "Blue Book" from her ABC Jesus Loves Me curriculum.
I debated even bothering to print these off since I didn't think she'd care to complete them.
She has surprised me with her excitement in coloring each color book I give her!

AND she is kept nice and busy with this kind of stuff while I work on lessons with Piper! 

Piper is also using the All About Reading Level 1 curriculum.
But I'll save that for a whole other post.
(Ahem, #3...)
But we're making progress which is pretty encouraging considering we've been at it less than a week.

I'll also share our BFIAR row with you in another post, too.

Anyhow, at the end of the day I'm still so happy with the choice we've made.
It's going to be full of challenges and frustrations and hard work.
But the joy of getting to learn together, to watch each child grow in so many ways FAR outweighs any difficulties we face!

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