Friday, August 17, 2012

Dear Self

Full of delights.
And yet, a time that frazzles and drains faster than the seemingly busiest parts of the year.
Stop. See. Breathe.
And thank.
The endless whir of soccer schedules.
The whiney drone of routine-less children.
The groan resulting from scrambling to concoct another grill friendly meal.
All drowning out the sweet, simple song of gratitude.
In the fleeting moments of sunshine and crickets chirping, of splashing and bicycle wheels turning.
Grasp for it.
Enjoy these small treasures that too quickly move on.
Don't waste a second more on clean or organized or planned or perfect.
Because this time calls for all of you.

It’s never the wasting of time that hurts so much as the wasting of ourselves.
~Ann Voskamp

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