Monday, October 1, 2012

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World {FIAR}

I purposely planned it for apple picking season and this story did not disappoint in getting us into the apple picking spirit!


The story is about a girl who wants to make an apple pie but finds the market closed. Therefore she travels around the world collecting the various ingredients she needs.
The story and illustrations are very comical so we took some time to look and see what aspects struck us as being the most humorous.
Then we tried our own hand at a humorous drawing!
Piper drew her and Taitum with pie on their head.
She also gave herself crazy looking ponytails because she found that pretty hilarious!


The girl in the story visits Italy, France, Sri Lanka, England, Jamaica and Vermont, USA.
The girls placed story disks on each of these countries on our world map and we discussed different things about each country.
The illustrations themselves gave us some things to talk about that were specific to each country.
We also discussed different languages and accents.
In the picture above, the girls are pointing at the country they liked the most.
Piper - France
Taitum - Sri Lanka
(You have no idea how fitting their choices are! haha!)


The little girl gathers some salt water from the ocean while she is crossing the Atlantic on a banana boat headed for Jamaica.
She later has to evaporate the water in order to obtain the salt for her recipe.
The girls experimented with this by dissolving salt in water themselves and leaving it in the sunlight (and eventually on the warm stove to speed up the process!) so the water would evaporate.
With in a few days they had some good results!

The girl also brings home a cow from England which she milks and churns the milk to make butter for her pie.
So, of course, we had to make butter too!

I placed our mixer at their level so they could watch the process.
We used whipping cream since I wasn't so sure milk would work.
With children the age mine are you need to be able to see results pretty quick!
I was actually surprised how well this little experiment went!
It wasn't long before our cream turned into butter!

Then Piper rinsed out the buttermilk and added some salt and we had butter to take along to Nan and Boppa's for supper that night!

Math and Memory Making:

The manual suggested making apple pie to introduce basic measuring skills.
I thought this was a fantastic idea!
The problem was, I've never made a pie before!
Thankfully, I know someone who is a veteran when it comes to the pie making buisness - my Nan!
So not only did my girls get introduced to measuring and pie making skills, they were also able to make a beautiful memory with their great-Grandmother!

This whole project was so precious!
My Nan was so patient with them and let them help with everything!
She explained why she did things a certain way and what the dough should feel like, etc.
I learned a lot, too!

We all had a wonderful time!
For us, this is one of the beautiful things about homeschooling - learning from our elders and making memories with those we love.

The girls were especially pleased when I let them have pie for breakfast the next morning! 


I had all intentions of doing a vocabulary word list for this book but in the end it never got done!
The only word we defined was 'spoil' because Piper asked what it meant!

Other adventures: 

In the story, the girl uses various modes of transportation to get to all the different countries.
This inspired me to make good use of some transportation cookie cutters I had!
I whipped up some apple pie playdough and got the girls to pick out all the vehicles the girl traveled in.
They then did what they do best - played and created all kinds of things with the playdough!

Tait asked me to make her a playdough apple pie and was delighted with the results!
She toted it off to her play kitchen, 'baked' it, brewed some tea and offered me a little of each!

Of course, we couldn't read this book without going apple picking for ourselves!
Unfortunately, our week started out with sick kids followed by rain but finally we found a perfect day to go and perfect company to join us!

photo by Mya 

photo by Mya 

photo by Mya
photo by Mya

We absolutely enjoyed our first row from Five in a Row Volume 1!
Next we are off to row Cranberry Thanksgiving!

Delightful Learning

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