Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm officially a World traveler

So I haven't shared this with you guys yet 
(I know, shocker... right?) 
but I am leaving TOMORROW to go to Medjugorje. 
(For those thinking, "What in the world is that?..."  please click HERE to learn more.) 
This is a town where over 30 years ago, 6 different children started having visions of our Blessed Mother Mary.  They are all now adults.  And two of these adults continue to have visions of Mary.  One on a monthly basis, and one on a daily basis.  Medjugorje is an extremely holy, and from what I hear, a very peaceful place. 

This trip has been planned for about 6-8 months now.  I am going with my parents and some close family friends, along with a group of about 60 other people from around this area. Fr. Mark Beard, a priest and our very dear friend, (who spoke at Tripp's services) will be one of the spiritual leaders for the trip.  Fr. Mark has been to Medjugorje multiple times.  He only became a priest within the last 3 years, and actually, the very first time he traveled there was before he was a priest.  He was traveling to Medjugorje to prove that the place was a scam... He came back, and joined the seminary. 
He's one of the most genuine and spiritual people I know.  Hearing him speak about his experiences in Medjugorje is so amazing and uplifting.

Initially, I was really, really nervous about going and almost didn't reserve my place in time.  Mom, dad  and I kept going back and forth with whether we were going to book the trip.  Because 6 months ago, I had no idea where my state of mind would be at this time or what would be going on in my life.  But now I am SO glad that I decided to go.  I am looking forward to this trip more than I could ever explain.  I'm hoping to find peace of mind and praying that I find answers to what I'm supposed to do with my life and my career.  Most importantly, I am so excited to strengthen my faith even more than I have in the past 9 months.  

We leave tomorrow out of New Orleans around 1pm, then we fly into Houston.  From Houston, to Frankfurt, Germany... then on to Dubrovnik, Croatia.  From Croatia, we will take a bus into Bosnia and hopefully (if all goes well) arrive in Medjugorje around 4pm on Tuesday (including the 8 hour time difference). We will stay in Medjugorje for about 7 days.  There, we will have the opportunity to share faith with thousands of pilgrims across the world.  We will attend daily mass at St. James Church (James is my all-time favorite book of the Bible, if you haven't noticed :) We will also climb Apparition Hill where Mary first appeared to the young visionaries.  We will get to also be able to do things such as meet with the visionaries themselves and see the "Blue Cross," which is a place of great healing and grace.    

When we leave Medjugorje, we will then fly into Rome for 3 days where will go into Vatican City and be able to attend the weekly Papal Audience and Blessing given by His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI.  While we are in Rome, we also get to visit the Vatican museums, the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica, and much more.  

I'm not even fully aware yet of ALL the things we are going to get to do (like I said, I've been very nervous about it, so I haven't done much research.... I kind of just booked it, and told myself I wouldn't think about it again until it was close).  
Well, it's close.  
I'm not a good traveler... and I don't like to fly.  
But I'm offering it up!  I know Mary will grant us safe travels!  

I can't WAIT to tell you guys all about it when we get back.  

So, for EB Awareness week, I'm spreading the word all the way to Bosnia!
And I'm bringing prayer intentions for every single EB patient and their families. 
I'll have plenty of time to pray in peace at one of the most holy places in the world, so if you have a special intention, send me an email, and I will do my best to say a special prayer for you. 
It's the least I could do, for all you guys have done for me!

OH, and for those who wanted me to keep them in the loop...
Here's how our new house is coming along! :)
I'm so blessed. 


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