Monday, October 29, 2012

Katy No Pocket {BFIAR}

Two weeks ago we rowed Katy No-Pocket by Emmy Payne.
Since then life went a little crazy. 
But this was a fun row and worth sharing.
The story is about a kangaroo mother who doesn't have a pocket for her joey and sets out on a mission to find a solution.

We learned that kangaroos are found in Australia.
We found it on the map and watched some youtube videos of kangaroos jumping around.
We were all giggling at their antics! They're so cute!
Then we watched some videos of aboriginal dot art being created.
Of course, we had to try our hand at it too!

We learned that kangaroos can jump up to 30 feet!
We measured it outside on the sidewalk...

Then made our own attempts!

When it was my turn, Taitum had just fallen and scraped her hand so I did my jump with my little joey attached!
It wasn't easy! 

We recorded our jumps and weren't surprised to find that we didn't even come close to the kangaroos jumping ability!

The girls made kangaroo pouches to put their babies in!
We learned that the story of Katy No-Pocket is very much a fictional one -
a baby kangaroo is about the size of a bumblebee when it is born and it climbs up the mother's fur into her pouch.
Without the mother's pouch, the baby would not survive.

In the story, Katy finds a man with an apron full of pockets.
He kindly dumps all of his tools out of it and gives it to Katy.
We talked about kindness and being generous to others.
We also took a trip to the tool store to browse at all the different kinds of tools!
Piper was very interested in everything and wanted to know what each thing was used for.
I think I did alright figuring out what most of the tools were but I was definitely out of my element!

What is the story about?

Piper: She (Katy) doesn't have a pocket. She needs one to put her baby in. She asks the monkey, the crocodile and the owl. She goes to the town. She finds lots of pockets on the apron. All the animals come and go in her pockets.

What was your favorite part of the story?

Piper: When she fits all the animals in!
Taitum: When the owl goes back to sleep.

I loved Tait's answer. So random but she was very certain of her answer!

Delightful Learning

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