Monday, December 17, 2012

Need to know basis.

So, I probably am driving our social worker (who I love) completely bananas.  Because I have a lot of questions that I think of during the day that I need know.  Remember, I have a high need for control, adoption is completely out of my control, and therefore, I rely on every little gem of wisdom that she can tell me as my very minute way to maintain some control over a situation that I really should just let go of.  Plus, despite being annoying, I want to stay in the forefront of her mind as a WAITING FAMILY.  Hey, it’s Abby!  I’ve only emailed you seven times today!  Did you remember that we’re WAITING?  For a BABY?!  Don’t forget about us! 

I’m only kidding about that last part.  A little.

So, here’s what I need to know today…

-  What does the process of choosing adoption look like for a potential birth mother?

-  How long does she spend looking at our profile? {Our profile is a hard-bound Shutterfly book that details our life in pictures and words.}

-  Will I be kept up to date throughout the next year as potential birth mothers consider adoption?

-  Can I have your home phone number so I can call you all hours of the night with my inane question?

Sigh.  Believe me, I’m praying hard for patience.  HARD.  I feel like every minute is the equivalent of daaaaaaays.  I’m trying to stay busy and occupied, which should be easy during the holidays, but babies and pregnancy are EVERYWHERE.  Which remind me that I’m “paper pregnant,” and I’m once again obsessively refreshing my gmail account, waiting for a response email.  I’m telling you, pray for patience for this girl!!!!

* * * * *

In other news, the weekend was so great.  So great.  We were busy and lazy and holiday cheery. 

My sister stopped by with her new puppy, Bogey, and I built a tent in Becks’ bedroom for him and my niece to play in. 

2012-12-15_1355590706     2012-12-15_1355595640

The kiddos watched Disney’s A Christmas Carol, and I just about died of sweetness.


The boys had a wrestling match on Sunday morning.  Standard.  


B and I also went on our annual Christmas date. 


So, that’s life.  Off to the gym so I can spend some time not tied to my phone. 

Peace, love, and patience.

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