Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Favorite Things {9}

One little favorite thing at a time
They all begin to pile up 
And I am overwhelmed by the goodness of it all...

This was a week of recovery
Which meant finding scenes like this one 
Tait climbed up on her sister's bed and fell soundly to sleep

This day was one where I was tired
And nothing seemed to be going the way I'd wanted it too
Which is hard for me to deal with when I'm lacking sleep
So I was cranky about the whole day
Then I was given this normal, everyday moment
I was reminded to look at it differently
My perspective changed and I felt such an overwhelming sense of gratitude
For the little girl peeling carrots
The baby sitting in her car, chattering away
Another sitting on the counter finding letters she knew on the things stuck to our fridge

This is how our mornings often begin.
I count it as school (fine motor skills right??).

This one - my messiest child.
Yet she cannot stand stuff sticking to her fingers.

Babe's first time actually IN the snow.
Usually she is tucked into her sled.
She was so delighted about digging in the snow and watching Mama whip snowballs at her sisters.
Her laughter is a gift in and of itself.

 Watching her crazy Ma climb the tree to hang bird feeders.
She is forever observing my every move.
(Usually with that little half smile on her face!)

Family obsession.

Heart day breakfast.
The little things create the fondest memories.

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