Friday, February 15, 2013

High 5 for Friday

This is my first time linking up with Lauren for High 5 for Friday
 1// Keeler's Valentines turned out so cute and so yummy.  
Check out Kristen's recipe for the yummy sweetheart popcorn here.
2// Valentine's evening at our house was oh so fun!  Some friends and I threw together a last minute pizza party.  The guys visited, the kids played and us girls did hair and makeup.  It felt like high school - minus the whole part about the kids running in and out :)  
3// The little cowboys loved the aprons we got them for Valentines.  They like to wear an apron when we play with play-dough and bake.  Tyler and I think Kal might need to wear his at all times #lessmess?  
4// Kal enjoyed getting lots of Valentine kisses from precious Mayli
5// Brittney did an amazing job on my hair!  I mentioned to her one day that I wish my hair would curl like her's and she said she could do it - I am still amazed.  I feel my inner real housewife coming out.  
And look how great it still looked this morning?
Okay so I have a few more than five pics to share but I couldn't leave this out.  
Look at that whittle face! #LOVE
Have a wonderful weekend!

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