Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sing A Song of Sixpence {Letter K}

Initially, it probably doesn't make sense that I would choose to use "Sing a Song of Sixpence" for introducing the letter K. 
But the rhyme ends with a king so we went with it!
This was a fun rhyme to learn since Tait wasn't familiar with it and as a result, very interested in learning it.
She kept asking me to sing 'that bird song' to her over and over until she knew it.
This rhyme ended up taking us two weeks because we were interrupted by sickness and we never did get around to making a real pie.
I decided we'd save that little activity for another rhyme (and more sane week!) and call it good with four related activities!

Day 1:  

Taitum made a shape collage black bird by gluing together a rectangle, circle and three triangles.
This provided a good opportunity to talk about shapes.

Day 2:

I made Tait a playdough pie and told her to find what was baked in her pie!
She was unsure at first (perhaps she thought a blackbird would pop out??).

But when she found her first letter bead she was pretty excited!

Then she dug right in and told me what the letter was on each bead she pulled out!

Finally, we simply played with the playdough and I showed her how to roll the dough out in order to form letters.

Day 3:

Tait counted out 'sixpence' from some plastic play money we have.
I then got her to count out six containers and she practiced one to one correspondence by placing one coin in each container.
She really enjoyed this and played with the coins and containers for quite some time.

Day 4:

Tait made a letter K king for our letter wall!
(Doesn't she look so amused by my request for a picture?!)

Now we are moving on to the letter L with Little Miss Muffett!

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