Friday, March 22, 2013

High Five For Friday!

1// Highs fives all around for sweet Kallahan!  Obviously he is feeling much better and loving his spaghetti lunch!   Also we were referred to a great cardiologist in Amarillo for a echocardiogram on April 10th.  After talking to several people we have learned that even if he does have a left to right shunt it is an easy surgery repair.  Our worry meter has gone way down.  Thanks again for all the continued prayers.  #letgoandletGod    
2// I love our new Easter tree.  Jacey made this last weekend...super cute!    
3// Keeler is out of preschool for springbreak this week so Granny (his sitter) has been keeping the boys busy with some extra special treats and outings.  They've made frequent visits to the Goody Shop for snow-cones and Keeler has had a couple play dates with his school friends.  She is so sweet to have extra kids over :)  
4// Starburst Jellybeans!!  These delicious little dudes are not so good for the ol' diet plan.  
5// And lastly high five for moisture in our weekend forecast.  Keeping our fingers crossed - this drought stricken land needs it!


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