Friday, March 1, 2013

High Five for Friday

Linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday!
 1// Despite missing out on all the snow that seemed to hit everyone around us, we have enjoyed a little time outside.  It's still terribly cold but a little Vit. D has been nice.  I had to snap this picture when Tyler came into the house and tells me, "Keeler's on the roof!"  #mommypanic
2// Tyler booked my birthday trip!!!  New Orleans here we come!!!  
I'm also going on a shopping trip with my mom, sis, aunt and cousins on my actual birthday.  
This girl is not dreading turning 30 at all! :)  
3// I'm almost done with our spring newsletter at work.  This deserves a high 10 folks!
4// Our littliest cowboy insisted on wearing boots with his jammies one night this week.  #cutestthingever 
Don't worry I was able to sneak them off before he fell asleep.  
5// Speaking of boots, when I'm picking up the house after the little cowboys go to sleep at night I always have to smile when I see these little boots by the door.  I just love being their mommy.


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