Friday, March 1, 2013

Too Much Candy

Tonight I took Taitum out on a little date.
Specifically, a mission to look for boots.
(Her idea.)
Our first stop was unsuccessful.
However, she requested some Dora and Boots candies.
Since it was a date I obliged her.
We purchased them and I let her eat a packet of them while we drove to the next store.

Taitum: I LOVE candy!
Me: I know you do!
Taitum: Mama, you love candy?
Me: Yes, I love candy but not too much. Too much is not good for me!
Taitum: I LOVE too much candy!!!

Spoken like a true 3 year old!

(We did end up finding boots at our next stop. Tait immediately ripped off her ol' winter boots in order to proudly don her new purple butterfly rubber boots. And the whole way home my little girl sang, "I so happy! I so happy!")

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