Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Favorite Things {12}

"You don’t get to keep. You get to witness."
~Ann Voskamp (from this post)

Mathematical magic.

Joyful observer.

Swing set ecstasy.

Times two.

Simple pleasures.

Complete concentration.

Post playdate fatigue.

A perfect pose.

"There are times to stand on sidewalks and hold signs, but holding a sign isn’t what makes a mother pro-life. Being pro-life means putting the life of another ahead of your own. It means being daily grace to the small souls nearest to you. It is not just an opinion or a position or a lobbyist group. It is the glory of maternal self-sacrifice that begins at conception and runs through labor and midnight feedings and diapers and sandwiches and crayons and homework and flu seasons and graduations and on into grandkids. It is an avalanche of small and large sacrifices. It burns bright in kitchens and bedrooms and backyards. It is the real life of the pro-life movement, and it will change the world."
~Rachel Jankovic (from this post - a must read!)

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