Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Calling All HGTV Fans: Advice Wanted!

Ok, I have a confession. My workouts at the gym are really an excuse to watch HGTV. I LOVE that channel. LOVE. Curses to my sister-in-law for introducing me to that sink-hole of time and encourager of futile home-improvement undertakings! My sister-in-law and I spent an entire week of vacation watching that channel. To our credit, it was pouring down rain most of that vacation...

I've decided that I can never have cable. If I had access to that channel, I would do nothing with my life. The children would never get another bath. Forget ever working at home. We would eat canned peaches for every meal. Because my butt would be perpetually parked in front of the TV watching drab and horrid rooms transform into magazine worthy spaces.

Now that we have actually committed to staying in our home (Many of you have asked why we don't just move to Seattle to cut out the horrible commute. The answer is this: our home I only worth 60% of what we paid for it. We're stuck. For a long, long time.), we're slowly making improvements. It's amazing how much you begin to get attached to your house once you put some blood, sweat, and creative energy into it.

We're putting off the huge ticket item, turning our unaccessible attic into a second story, and tackling some small projects for the time being. Next up, beautifying the exterior.

When we bought the house, it was this hideous shade of Pepto-salmon. New to that color? It's a curious mix between Pepto-Bismol and salmon. Here's the unfortunate evidence:

We already painted the exterior. The bottom half of the house is a really light grey-which apparently doesn't register in blinding sunlight. We had wanted a darker color to contrast with the white trim...oh well. Right now our house looks like this:

But it's not done yet. Our weird craftsman style home is wearing a Victorian hat. The non-functional peak is adorned in decorative Victorian shingles. The single color up top does not do these weird shingles any justice. We decided to embrace the funk and add a splash of color to the peak. I spent two hours the other night coming up with some design concepts for the peak.

I was very busy. This isn't even all of them!

But we need some help. My husband and I can't decide between our four favorite options. We'd love your thoughts, before I go around showing these to complete strangers on the bus! And forgive the poor quality. These are pictures of a printout of a picture that I colored on. And I had to use whatever markers were in the house. The actual red will be more muted. And to balance out the color-heavy top, we will add a grey trellis to the front with red flowers and maybe some other décor or additional trim painting. If we can ever decide on the peak...





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