Friday, June 7, 2013

High Five for Friday!

1// The little cowboys are going to be ringbearers in Tyler's cousins wedding in two weeks.  
High Five for waaaaay too much cuteness.
2// High Five for MUCH needed moisture this week and beautiful morning runs. 
3// High Five for a girly design for a friend's daughter birthday.  
A nice change from my usual designs of tractors and cowboys.
4// A rainy day made for a fun 'relaxing' evening with my favorite little guys.  We got in our pajamas early and watched Spiderman,  High Five for cuddling on the couch. 
5// High Five for the first week of summer.  Keeler's been busy with Bible Camp, Blastball, Playdoh class and afternoon storytime.  Mommy & granny have been busy dropping him here and there.

{For my memory} 
Keeler has said some funny things this week.   
:: I went downstairs to get on the computer for a quick second.  Keeler walks into the office and says, "What's my pretty lady doing?"  
:: Giving the boys their bath.  Kal is already in.  Keeler walks over to the tub and boldly says, "Fat guy coming in!" - #justlikedaddy :)

Tonight Keeler has a Bible Camp program and then tomorrow is my 10K race.  I can't help but be worried about the race.  My calf has been so tight all week and my last run of only 2.5 miles was hard to push through.  I hope my restful week and stretching will get me through.

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