Monday, June 24, 2013

Never Ride With Your Boss

I worked on Saturday. But, even though I had to get up at 5:00 a.m. to catch the 6:20 boat to be in the office at 7:45, it wasn't altogether unpleasant.

When I got to the office, my boss and I spent a good amount of time reviewing witness declarations and medical records for one of our cases. We then hopped in his car to meet with our expert witness. As my boss zipped out of the parking garage, he said, "I've got JUST the music for you. You're going to love it." When an up-beat tempo came through the stereo and a borderline falsetto male voice pierced the airways, I immediately recognized the CD: Justin Timberlake's new album. Apparently my boss is a pretty hip 50-year old man.

He cranked up the bass as loud as it would go and rolled down the windows. Before I knew it, he was doing DOUBLE air guitars (yes, while driving) and singing along to the risqué lyrics of "Strawberry Bubble Gum" ("But you, you're delicious on your own/After I break you down my fingers, it's so sweet") I suddenly had a flashback to the time I was 14 and commuting home with my dad after a long day at my summer job. My dad had cranked up Shania Twain as loud as the stereo would go and, stuck in traffic with windows rolled down, he belting out "Man, I feel like a woman!" while bobbing his head dramatically back and forth. My 14-year old self was extremely mortified.

This time, however, Justin Timberlake's songs were much too catchy for me to be bothered by my boss' little show. And, in a fit of road rage, when my boss yelled out the window to a poorly merging Winnebago in front of him, "Ease in, big fella!" It was only fitting that I shouted back, "That's what she said!" My boss snorted with laughter and told me, "good one!" It could have been pulled directly out of a scene from the Office.

We spent the rest of the trip talking about embarrassing gynecological procedures (slightly related to a case) and, after we stopped at a famous Five Guys Burger joint and filled up on carbonated beverages, I got to listen to my boss' ovation-worthy belches for the last five minute leg of the trip.

Working on Saturdays is sometimes amusing.

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