Monday, June 24, 2013

Picking Up The Pieces

     Weeks 19 and 20 were probably the hardest for both Josh and I.  We had just found out about Savannah's condition and we were having a really hard time seeing any kind of light in all of the darkness.

     Week 19 our families came up to visit and surround us with love.  Josh's family came up first, and blessed us with our second opinion ultrasound.  We will never forget the moment they saw their first grandchild wiggling on the screen. We left that ultrasound with tons of pictures, and memories that will last us all a lifetime.

We'll never be able to repay Grandma Michelle and Grandpa Shawn for the gift they gave us:
Time with our little girl!

     Later that week my dad came up to visit us.  He helped us completely renovate our lawn, and showed his love for us and Savannah by creating and planting a beautiful bed of flowers out front.  My dad was such a supporter while he was here, helping us with all of the little things around the house that needed fixing.  It was a blessing to have his love and to be distracted for a few days.

Dad and Josh planting flowers for Sweet Savannah

     Week 20 started off with our first glimpse of sunshine, a bird had started to build a nest in our tree out front.  Every time we saw the mockingbird add another twig to its nest, it felt like God was reminding us of what we had to do: start putting our life back together one piece at a time.
     That week we took a trip back home to Marco Island to see the rest of our family.  It was wonderful to be surrounded by people that loved us and who could comfort us.  We made some very special memories that week:

Beautiful Marco Sunset
  • We went to lunch at the restaurant I used to work at and had shrimp with Savannah's Great Grandpa and Grandma
  • We watched the Marco sunset
  • Went to coffee with Karen
  • Josh felt Savannah kick for the very first time!!
  • We celebrated my dad's birthday
  • Josh and I sang Savannah our childhood lullabies. (Josh then decided to sing her Hakuna Matata... in spanish. She loved it and was moving the entire time.  I only wish I had it on video!)

Great Grandma & Grandpa helping to celebrate Savannah

Coffee with Karen <3

     While these two weeks were the hardest, God gave us the strength to face each challenge.  He is showing us, through Savannah, just how beautiful and precious life is!

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