Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weekend Whoas and 10K Training

Our weekend was very quiet and uneventful.  The weather was icky which made us retreat inside more than we'd like.  Just think 30mph gusts and dirt blowing.  
Here's just a few weekend whoas {for my memory}.
:: We got up early on Saturday to partake in citywide garage sales.  We didn't buy anything too impressive besides a few children's books, a mirror and Keeler found a toy trailer.  It was a fun morning and Cristen came along.
:: Tyler's silage was cut this weekend.  We went out to the farm with him to check on the crew.  For terrible windy weather, I couldn't get over how beautiful the sky looked.
:: Keeler managed to 'trim' his own hair on Friday evening.  This meant an overall haircut in attempt to fade in his nice gouge.  I was going to buzz it all off until Tyler said, "isn't that wedding soon?"  Nice timing little ring-bearer to be.  I did the best I could to fix it.  Let's hope it grows out in 3 short weeks.

Linking up with Ashley for Move it Monday - just a day late.  
I've been working hard to 'keep moving' and have manged to continue to maintain my calorie goals.  On the 10K training front, I'm only a week away from the race!  I've done well following this training plan so I hope to survive the race.  As cross-training this week I did Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred: Level 2.  I love this workout and was impressed with how well it works the obliques.  On Sunday I ran my last 'long distance' run and did pretty well.  It was terribly windy (26 mph) and I managed to maintain a 10:15 pace.  My race is THIS Saturday at 7:15a so I'm hoping for nice weather.  Wish me luck!  
At the beginning of May I set myself monthly wellness goals
1. 1200 cals daily --- accomplished
2. Continue 10k Training Plan --- accomplished
3. Cross train 1 x week --- accomplished
4. No Candy / No Soda --- FAILED. 
Guilty of snacking on a few chocolate chips during my nighttime TV watching.
5. {BIG ONE} No eating after dinner!! --- FAILED ^ see above
Since it's a new month and I'll try anything to keep myself accountable, 
here's my June Goals:
1. 1200 cals daily
2. Run 15 miles a week
3. Run 2 10K Races
4. Cross train 1 x week
5. No Candy / No Soda
6. {BIG ONE} No eating after dinner!!
Join me, I'm keeping track with dailymile and myfitnesspal.   
Also, check out my running group's new blog here.

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