Monday, June 24, 2013

Welcome Brody and Father's Day Weekend

Quickly checking in to let you know that yes, we are still alive.  Life has thrown us several things at once and blogging just didn't make the cut the past week.  Things are finally starting to calm down so I am hoping to get things caught back up very soon.  
On Thursday , June 13th we traveled to Texas to meet this little guy...
 {Brody James} 
We hurried down hoping to make it shortly after he arrived but we ended up having to wait, and wait, and wait.  He was on his own schedule and didn't end up arriving until 2am on Friday the 14th.  My poor sister-in-law had a loooong day and night.  Thankfully everyone is healthy and baby Brody is pure perfection.
 My three cowboys were instantly in love.  I posted this picture on Facebook with the caption "welcome to the family baby Brody..."  This started all kinds of rumors that Tyler and I actually had a third child.  Sorry folks, we are done with 2!
Keeler couldn't wait to hold him!
On Friday evening Tyler and I took our little cowboys and Brody's big brother, Bryon, to a local amusement park to celebrate Brody's birthday!  Just look at their little faces...they had a blast!  
Tyler's brother and his girlfriend, Erica, also came out with us.  Kallahan was especially on cloud 9 - he loved every minute of it!  Maybe next year Brody can join us for his party :)
 Saturday I sent Tyler for a massage for father's day.  Then in the evening we were able to have a date night since my parents so graciously watch the boys.  It was nice to get to have dinner and a drink with the best father I could have ever picked for my children.  I love you Tyler Baker - you're the most loving and caring father!
On Sunday (Father's Day) we went to my sister's house for brunch and a swim.  I guess we were having too much fun because I neglected to take any photos.  It was a great day and I loved spending it with my dad and family. I posted this photo of my dad on instagram.  
Love you dad!
In the evening, Brody got to come home from the hospital   We all went over to Tyler's parents house for a barbecue.
 Bryon wasn't sure about sharing his baby.
Before the evening was over I did a small newborn photo shoot with Brody and his admiring coming soon!


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