Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I often sit down and write a paragraph or two... 
thinking that it's time to start blogging again.  
And then I erase them, get up, and continue on with my day.  

What is there to write about anymore?  
I realize no one is interested in my boring day-to-day life.  You guys read and grew to love this blog looking at pictures, watching videos, and learning about the life of my Tripp. 

I guess there are plenty things I could say.  Honestly, there has been so much that has happened since I stopped blogging that there's no way I could squeeze everything into one post (at least not one that anyone would read)... maybe that's another day. 

I could surely preach on about what terrible shape our world is in and beg everyone to pray and go to church so we can turn it around before it's too late- but you might call me a holy roller and quit reading. 

I could write about being sad and missing my baby and how hard it is to go on about my day-to-day life watching everyone else with their kids.  
But seriously, who wants to hear about that? 

Maybe I'll talk about the weather and how beautiful it's been around here? 
Bored yet? 

But I have been receiving emails and letters from a lot of you... and that's what makes my heart smile.  
And what also makes me want to start writing again. 

But it's pretty difficult when you write on a particular subject for so long... and then you have to change your tune. 

What do people like to hear about? 
What makes people read blogs? 

Did you gravitate towards a love story 
between a mother and son? 

Did you crave the inspiration from a small 
angel who was fighting his battle? 

Did you fall in love with the drumming skills 
of a little boy who couldn't see? 

Or was it trying to understand faith 
with such a difficult cross to bear? 

I do wonder that... 
I wonder what made our support system grow SO big in such a short time? 
What made a community step up so beautifully and get involved?  
What made hundreds of thousands of strangers all over the world send us kind words and encouragement?

Maybe I'll never truly know.  
But I'm starting to realize a little more every day that God had a reason for all of this.  
I'm, of course, not yet sure of what it is... 
and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do about it...
but I'm hopeful that I will find out soon. 

But I do know, that as I look out of my window right now, 
I see a precious little orange butterfly...
and when I turn my head the other way, I see this... 

God is always talking to me... 
I just have to learn to stop and listen. 


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