Friday, November 22, 2013

Cousin Photos

It's become a holiday tradition to do an annual cousin photo shot for my mom.  We always make her a Shutterfly photo calendar for Christmas so these pictures make for a great cover and fillers!  
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This year we ended up with some great photos and it was pretty painless. I think we got all these poses in less than 20 minutes.  Last year, OMGosh it was TERRIBLE!  The kids, the dads - it was a bad scene.  What's so painful about taking pictures? 

This year, I asked my sister to do a quick session for our Christmas cards - you would've thought I told all three cowboys we were going to get teeth pulled.  Luckily we ended up with one great photo so it was worth it. 
How'd we get that one photo? This sums it up perfectly....
 Thanks again to my sweet sister that had to witness it all.  Any tips on how to get everyone more willing and excited about the process?  There is nothing more than I want than a beautiful family photo.  A girl can dream...  


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