Saturday, November 2, 2013

In Honor of My Mama on Her Birthday

I'm sharing a song today in honor of my Mama's birthday.
Once upon a time I learned this song on guitar and she'd always ask me to play it because she liked it so much.
My Mom loves all the old hymns.
I always found it so strange.
Now I have an appreciation and love for these ageless songs, too.
And a deeply ingrained memory of Mom singing through her busy days at home.
Song after song committed to memory.
Whether she was cleaning, cooking, sewing or tidying up the endless messes, she was belting out a song.
I think I probably got annoyed with her for this during some irritable teenage years.
But I get it now.
Singing a song brings joy to the heart.
In the face of the monotony of homemaking or the struggles of life or the worries of motherhood, songs are uplifting.
The words are reminders and equip one with strength and fortitude.
I cherish the memory of my Mom's daily singing and all the work that accompanied those songs.
I cherish her.

Happy birthday, Mom!
I love you!

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