Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Whoas!

FAMILY time is the BEST time.
Just a few "whoas" from a great weekend with my cowboys.
 Keeler and Tyler went dove hunting on Thursday evening.  Great father/son bonding.  
Kal and I stayed home.  He played outside with the neighbors and then stayed up a little late and watched Big Brother with me.  Hallelujah Amanda is out of the house!!
 On Friday, Granny (our sitter) was out of town so Tyler stayed with the boys in the morning and I watched them Kal in the afternoon.  Keeler went  to work with Tyler - he's such a little worker.  
Kal and I had a great afternoon being domesticated.  We cleaned, baked cookies and even cooked dinner.  I told Tyler I could be a "Pinterest wife" if I stayed home with just one kid.  Who am I kidding, it wouldn't last long ;)
Saturday, the little cowboys and I had a relaxing day at home.  Since all the laundry was caught up we lounged in our pajamas until late morning then went shopping in town and to the library.  It pretty much was a perfect day.  
 In the evening, we went to the movies as a family to see Planes.  This was Kal's FIRST TIME to go to the movies and he did perfect.  The show didn't start until 8pm so I was afraid since that's his typical bedtime.  He took his blanket and sat on our laps the entire time.  I am so glad we've finally reached the stage that he's old enough to go because our little town theater does a great job bringing in the latest children's movies on a regular basis.
Sunday we ventured over to Garden City for shopping.  Our pantry was getting pretty bare.
We ate a quick lunch at Arby's.  Keeler told us, "that's the best burger I've ever had!"  He was even telling his Granny about it today.  We might of even made a few impulsive furniture purchases on our shipping trip too!  #abouttime #happymommy
 We plum wore these two out!  Keeler fell asleep as soon as we headed home {with sunglasses on} but the other little grumpy man was determined he wasn't falling asleep.  He was punishing me since I didn't let him run into Target with me.  He finally gave up about 30 minutes from the house.
Sunday evening, Tyler grilled dinner while I made more cookies.  Yes, we were really into cookies this weekend.  After dinner Keeler and I decorated for fall.  We might be a little early but I just couldn't resist.  He loves helping me and I love this time together.  

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